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M/M (Paris)/ Viviane Sassen
M/M (Paris)/ Viviane Sassen
It’s not easy
StyleLikeU Manifesto:

-Be aware of how marketing affects you.
-Don’t wish to be someone else.
-You are your best editor.
-Beauty is confidence.
-Your imperfections make you you.
-Vulnerability is strength.
-Trendiness is not style.
-Dress for yourself.
-Question your assumptions
-Don’t limit yourself to boxes and labels.
-Life is not a dress rehearsal
-Style cannot be bought
-Indifference is not cool
-Style is political.

JESSICA: … Everything you think will be different, and the way you act, and all your most passionately held beliefs are all gonna be completely different, and it’s really depressing.

WARREN: How do you figure?

JESSICA: Because it just basically invalidates whoever you are right now. You know what I mean? It just makes your whole self at any given point in your life seem so completely dismissible. So it’s like, what is the point? […]

It’s like when you find an old letter you wrote that you don’t remember writing. And it’s got all these thoughts and opinions in it that you don’t remember having, and it’s written to somebody you don’t even remember having ever written a letter to.

WARREN: I’ve never found a letter like that.

JESSICA: Well I have. Like, a lot of them. And it just makes you realize that there’s just these huge swaths of time in your life that didn’t register at all, and that you might just as well have been dead during them for all the difference they make to you now.